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About Me – Shyla Brown with Shyla Brown Photographer, Brookfield Wisconsin based photographer
My name is Shyla Brown.  I am a Photographer, Office Manager at my parents business Luebke Overhead Doors inc, Soon to be mother of 3! My oldest Colton is 5, my middle Nathan is 3 and my youngest is due to be born at the end of April 2017! Well I should say mother of 4 we have a big ol baby of a dog as well. His name is Morrison and he is a greater swiss mountain dog. I have a wonderful husband that I have been with for 11 years and this June 2017 will be our 5 year Wedding Anniversary! I have 19 nieces and nephews that I absolutely adore!! I have 2 wonderful parents that are always their for me and rooting for me to succeed and helping out in any way they can. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, Sharon, Sammy, Johnny and Tommy whom let me steal their kids to model for me whenever I want! One of my brothers, Tommy, is my angel brother. We lost him Thanksgiving day 2009 along with his best friend Jeremy due to a drunk driver not paying attention. Because of him I chose to become a photographer and make sure that I capture as many moments as I can. I have a best friend Angie who I have been best friends with since 1st grade! We are actually both pregnant together right now! and I have several other close friends who support me and I do not know what I would do without them! Brianna, Denise, Kristin, Lovely, Lucci, Alyssia, my amazing in laws Chantal and Benjamin, and my cousins Briana and Michaela.   These are a few of the things that make up the woman that I am! I have an overall zest for life and love for people and the world that surrounds me! Every single day is a new adventure (especially with young boys that keep you on your feet all day!)  and opportunity to create something truly incredible and make some amazing memories!
I live in Brookfield Wisconsin with my husband and boys but I do travel all throughout Wisconsin!
Children! I have so many nieces and nephews and I just love being around them! I love dealing with Children and working to make them trust me and feel comfortable to show me their real selves!
Some fun details about ME!
* I love love ice cream cakes! Yes that had to be number one lol
* I love my January Ladies weekends with my ladies Angie, Brianna, Brenda, Heather and Tiffany! Seriously if you do not do annual weekends with your besties you need to start this amazing tradition!
*I love baby showers! They are so much fun to shop for!
*I am a huge Disney Fan! Ariel is my absolute favorite!
*I love buying gifts for and spoiling my friends and nieces and nephews! I always try to find some unique things!
*Etsy….my downfall lol I love etsy!!
*Carmel Frappe’s from McDonalds…needs I say more?
* I love going to the theater! Its so much better than watching movies at home
* I LOVE LOVE my Acura MDX! My favorite suv ever!
* My boys are my entire life…. They are the most important men in my life and always will be
* I love horses!! I think they are the most beautiful creatures!
* My son Colton is smarter than me about animals and dinosaurs and it makes me so proud!
* Clinique perfume makes my heart happy
* I love flowers!!! LOVE LOVE them! About 90% of the time I have one in my hair
Their you go! Some fun details about who I am! I would love to meet you and hear about you and capture some wonderful memories for you and your family to cherish.
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